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What is Amazon Lighsail & Features of Amazon Lightsail VPS

  • By Ramesh Pratap Mohan
  • October 20, 2022

Amazon Web Services (AWS) packages memory, processing, storage and transfer into virtual machines (VMs) for customers to purchase, and then releases that compute capacity as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances. Amazon Lighsail derives its compute power from an EC2 instance and repackages it for customers who are new or inexperienced with the cloud.

AWS designed the Lightsail service to make it simpler to understand and purchase rudimentary compute capacity. AWS also manages the infrastructure, which shares the same uptime and global regions and availability zones as EC2, and makes it available with a few mouse clicks.

1). Easy and Fast
Amazon Lightsail helps you to deploy a virtual private server quickly with a few clicks. It offers pre-configured templates for the Linux distribution, application, or CMS systems like WordPress, Magento, etc. With the Lightsail’s intuitive management console, you may run server or associated services easily.

2). Built on AWS
Amazon Lightsail virtual private servers run on the highly trusted and reliable AWS cloud infrastructure that is used by millions of customers worldwide. It means your apps are powered by the best infrastructure with Lightsail implementation and used by top companies like Netflix, General Electric, And Capital One, etc.

3). Grows with your Business
With Amazon Lightsail, you may grow or scale your applications over time. As soon as your application needs advanced features like managed databases, CDNs (content delivery networks), dozens of other features, you may quickly get connect with your Lightsail-hosted applications.

4). Low Predictable Costs
Amazon Lightsail offers plans that include everything you need to deploy a virtual private server like the virtual private machine, storage or networking, etc. The subscription starts at $5 per month. When your business grows, it becomes easier to trade up to more resources based on the requirements.

5). Free Subscription
The $5 Lightsail subscription is free for one month (Max 750 hours). For this purpose, you should log in to Lightsail Console with your AWS account to try it today.