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We offer website migration services that are strategically designed

A website migration service is a professional service that helps businesses or individuals move their website from one web hosting provider or platform to another. Website migration can be a complex process that requires technical expertise, and a migration service provider can help ensure that the process goes smoothly and without any disruptions to the website’s functionality or performance.

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Website migration service involves transferring a website from one web hosting provider or platform to another. This process requires technical expertise and can be complex, which is why many businesses and individuals choose to use professional website migration services.

This Service enables seamless Website Migration, without encountering any obstacles or challenges.

The aim of this service is to streamline website migration by facilitating the transfer of website data and minimizing any potential difficulties users may face during the process.

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Move your Website/Server from Anywhere to Anywhere

Looking for Migrating website from one host to another and also required emails to be migrated to new host ? Migrated to cPanel mail to gsuite or cpanel to cpanel? You are are right place 🙂

Backup – Move – Transfer – Clone – WordPress Migration to and from cPanel/plesk or any panel.

Content Management System Transition

It doesn’t matter which CMS your website is currently on – Joomla, Umbraco, TYPO3, WordPress, or any other- Exemplifi can effortlessly switch it over to the platform of your preference. We design migration plans that meet your specific requirements.

Domain Name Shift

Changing your domain name can be just as challenging as migrating to a new CMS. That’s why our team of experts at Exemplify is here to help, offering domain name migration services that minimize the risk. We use a systematic approach when revamping your website to guarantee a smooth transition.

Search Engine Optimization Migration

Our key objective is to move your website with speed and efficiency while minimizing the potential impact on your search engine optimization. We collaborate with our in-house SEO team to ensure that the pages are transferred seamlessly and that the latest best practices are followed at launch.

Web Hosting Transition

We offer web hosting migration services and assistance in choosing the best hosting platform for your needs. We handle every aspect of the migration process – from creating backups of your website data to quickly transferring it to the new host. Choose Exemplifi for a stress-free transition experience.

Our customized website migration solutions involve a three-step process

Steps to Seamless Website Migration


Preliminary website migration

In the beginning, we will assess your objectives and priorities and any challenges that may arise during the website migration process. We will supply you with the independent advice you need to make the right decision for your business.


Analysis and preparation

We carefully plan out every single element of the website migration process so that any possible issues can be foreseen. The migration will begin when we have your approval and are certain of the project plan.


Migration and verification

The last step is the website migration, followed by rigorous testing of the security and performance at its new location. We ensure that all project components have been completed correctly before giving ownership back to the client.

As a leading provider of a wide range of IT services, Fusion Technologies Services provides comprehensive website migration services. We understand the complexities of website migration and are committed to helping our customers transition with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

With our experience in migrating websites from various platforms like Joomla, Umbraco, TYPO3, WordPress, and more, you can trust that your current website will be converted to the CMS of your choice with improved performance and conversion rates.

At Fusion Technologies, we understand the risks involved in changing a domain name, which is why our team uses a strategic approach to ensure a successful migration. We also collaborate with our in-house SEO team to maintain your search engine rankings during the transition.

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Benefits of Choosing Fusion Technologies

We take the hassle out of the process by handling everything from the technical aspects of the migration to the communication with the customer.
Comprehensive website

Fusion Technologies offers a full range of website migration services, including planning, design, & testing.

Experienced team

The company has a team of experienced website migration experts who can handle any migration, from simple to complex.

Minimal downtime

Fusion Technologies minimizes downtime during migrations, ensuring your website remains available to users during the transition.

Seamless Integration

The company can help you integrate your new website seamlessly with existing systems.

Quality assurance

The company performs extensive quality assurance testing to ensure your website works as expected after migration.

Data security

Fusion Technologies takes data security seriously and implements measures to protect your sensitive information during migration.

Customized solutions

The company offers customized solutions to meet each client’s specific needs and requirements.

Affordable pricing

Fusion Technologies provides competitive pricing for its website migration services without sacrificing quality or functionality.

Help & FAQs

Frequently asked questions

We love what we do and we do it with passion. We value the experimentation, the reformation of the message, and the smart incentives.
  • Is it possible to continue email communication during website migration?

    In the case of utilizing an external email service, such as Google Mail, there won't be any inconvenience. However, if your email service is hosted on the same server as your website, you may experience a temporary outage during the migration process. Rest assured that your emails will be available once the migration is finished so that you won't miss any important messages.

  • What is the turnaround time for scheduling migration?

    Typically, migrations can be scheduled within a week of receiving payment. If you have an urgent need, we also, offer expedited migration services that can be completed within 48 hours for an additional fee.

  • Is my website expected to experience any interruptions?

    We've performed numerous migrations and created a process that minimizes downtime during the migration process. In rare cases, a delay of up to two hours may occur due to slow DNS propagation. Still, we strive to make the migration process as seamless and efficient as possible, with minimal disruptions to your website's availability.

  • Can you assist with email setup on my new host?

    Yes, we provide email migration services and will assist you in configuring your email on your new host. We can transfer your existing emails to your new email account on the new host, including emails from external accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo. Your emails and email folders will be transferred and organized within a folder that bears the name of your original email account.

  • In the unlikely event of some downtime, how would you inform me? Can I specify the preferred time for my website to become active again?

    Although we aim to minimize downtime, you can select the preferred time for your website to be back online. If you prefer a specific time that aligns with your business needs, we'd be pleased to accommodate your request, but we kindly request that you provide us with sufficient notice.


If you have any inquiries regarding our services or are uncertain about how to begin, please reach out to us. Inform us of your objectives, and we will arrange a conversation at the earliest convenience.