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Why Mobile Friendly Website are Very Popular

  • By Diya Murty
  • October 5, 2022

In this mobile age, everyone is having a smartphone with the internet. Mobile users are using mobile devices to search for things and get their business done.  Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and smartwatches, are used today by more than 50% of consumers. To keep up with the current trends, it is extremely important to have a mobile-friendly website for your business.

What is a mobile-friendly website?

Mobile-friendly or responsive websites are those websites that adjust themselves as the screen size of the device you used for searching. These websites are formatted to display properly on smaller screens like smartphones and tablets. That brings mobile-friendly websites that help to grow your business.

Nowadays, Google is giving preference to Mobile-friendly websites. Mobile-first is Google one of the ranking factor. Mobile is a very hot topic in website design. The reason behind is that people do most of the searching and shopping on their phones.

Mobile-friendly websites have many benefits. Some are listed below:

Great User Experience

Nowadays, people care about user experience. They want to find the actual information they are searching for. Research says that people want to see results less than 3 sec. Mobile users don’t visit the website with slow loading speed.

High Loading Speeds

The page loading speed is an important criterion. Websites who are not optimized for mobile devices will load slowly. But responsive mobile-friendly websites will load quickly. Because it is optimized such that it makes the website compatible with mobile devices.

Improved Mobile Search Rankings

Mobile devices are used by more and more users. Mobile without internet connections is very hardly found. Search engines like Google are always trying to give best to their user. Google has started favoring mobile-friendly websites. Hence a responsive website can help to boost search engine result ranking. This will automatically help you to get traffic on your website.

Keeping Your Business Ahead in Progress

Fast changes and drastic updates are taking the internet world by storm and this can often interrupt the flow of your business. Responsive website design can help protect your business from such changes by search engines continuously updating for new mobile trends. You are also able to provide consumers with the best possible user experience.

Increased Average Time on Site

As people are using smartphones more than laptops. There are plenty of search results for their search query. They stuck to the website where they get good user experience like fast loading, proper site visibility, readable text and of course relevant content. If your website is responsive then you are in the race to get the target audience to the website.

Mobile-friendly Websites are Easier to Manage

With such a design you don’t need to alter the layout of text, pictures, and videos depending on the device your visitors are using. Mobile devices of today are always changing as mobile companies are constantly going for larger screens and new devices are always being introduced. It only makes sense to use a website structure that already accounts for the changes in the future – a mobile-friendly design!

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