Meeter - Free Video Conferencing Application

Meet the easiest way to stay connected with colleagues and business partners from all around the world. Sign up today for Meeter – Free video conferencing. 

No Downloads, No Setups, Just Share URL Start instantly  Video, Audio, Recording, Screen Sharing, and File Transfer.

What is Meeter?

Meeter is a web-based application that allows you to start web meetings instantly with video, audio, recording, screen sharing, and file transfer face-to-face communication channels with integrated chat. It does not require any additional installations or third party logins and accounts.

It’s almost as if you’re all sitting around the same table. Use Video calls and screen sharing to show your desktop and actually see who’s talking.

Simple Way of Video Conferencing With Your Team

Meeter is a lightweight video-conferencing application that does not require any complex Installations, downloads, third party apps/plugins. It simply works on browser-based technology and supports all major browsers.

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Start your video meetings in just a single click with free video conferencing for you and your team. Talk in-depth over video calls directly from Meeter.

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Share your screen while streaming video and keep everyone in your meeting on the same page. Show anything on your desktop with Screen Sharing. Annotate using drawing tools,  and pass control at any time. Video meetings with your team and clients from wherever you do your work.

screen sharing

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Meeter not required downloads apps, not required setups and installations. No Pin and optional passwords. Anyone can easily use Meeter.  With just a URL you can communicate with your team.

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Meeter use browser-based technology supports all major browsers from Desktops, Mobile, Tablets, Smart TV. Enjoy the freedom to live and work where you thrive with easy video meetings from Meeter. Video meetings with your team and clients from wherever you do your work.


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Meeter required no data, no passwords, no emails, no personal details. Work with simple URL based technology to keep your privacy safe. Meeter cares for your data privacy. 20% of small and medium-sized businesses are victims of hacking each year that’s why our priority is to keep your data safe.

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Impress your customers and make teamwork more effective with easy content/file sharing from any device. It allows you to send files during a video conferencing directly without using third-party solutions.  File transfer is used when it is necessary to send files of various types: photos, audio and video files, documents, etc.

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Users can use a wide selection of editing tools, work on multiple files simultaneously, and block the page with the file that is being edited. The Whiteboard feature allows the participants of a 1-on-1 video conference to draw, enter and edit text and graphic data in a separate window using special tools. Enable you to work on various types of electronic documents: texts, schemes, diagrams, design models, pictures, and slide shows.



Meeter - Video Conferencing Application


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